The Art

of Sons & Daughters

Sons & Daughters crafts exceptional wines and gins in Margaret River, Western Australia.

Our packaging is inspired by the exquisite artwork of Solly Smook in combination with the philosophy and vision on life and our wines.

Our wines and gin are carefully crafted with the finest ingredients to bring you what we like to call ‘our piece of art in a bottle’.

The reason why Sons & Daughters and the artist collaborated during the creation of our packaging is that we realised that both are equally obsessed with expressing the beauty in people, life and how it shapes us. All artwork used is by Solly Smook was given pro bono for this project.


The Expressionist

Contemporary expressionist artist Solly Smook explores concepts relating to the uniqueness of emotion and the importance of it in our spiritual lives. His process in creating art attempts to create moments that engage with matters beyond what is immediately visible, quite often consciously and instinctively questioning the nature of our spiritual identity as something deconstructed, created and tangible.

Solly is mesmerised by the beauty of the human being and he aims to portray a beauty we seldom see. Reminding the viewer to feel and reminding the viewer of the spirit within.

Solly Smook is known as a person that loves to give, especially back to the community. He has been involved in many projects where he regularly donates some of his work to be auctioned for charities. When we contacted Solly about our vision he was immediately on board in a very generous way and donated all his art used in the brand.

Solly’s artwork feels like it was supernaturally treaded into this dream before any of this was even on the horizon. This brand will not be the same without your amazing work Solly. May more and more people find the beauty you daily experience through their own eyes.

Figli – 2020

April – 2016

Arena – 2016

Rostro – 2018

Vera – 2016

St. Helena – 2015

‘n Stukkie Jy – 2017


La Sombra – 2016

Judah – 2018