The Story

of Sons & Daughters

ABOUT – The Dreamers

From a background in finance and tourism to passionate careers in wine and education led to the dream of Sons & Daughters. All of us are passionate followers of Christ and are humbled to be part of this great initiative.

We believe that great wine is a blessing in itself and a great companion when making memories with the people we treasure and love. Having three children we have realised how much work goes into crafting, guiding and supporting them in their life journeys in becoming the future of tomorrow.

This brand originated as a tribute to all of us sacrificing more than our comforts and desires for our own Sons & Daughters. It is also a tribute to the previous generation that sacrificed all their dreams and time for us as their Sons & Daughters to experience the saying that “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends”. 

Realising the helpless need of so many homeless and parentless children out there needing guidance, protection, provision and lots of love encouraged us to partner with various local children charities to be that little light in a dark world. By buying Sons & Daughters wines automatically includes the buyer in this partnership in giving a little hope to these children.

May our wines and this vision inspire you on your journey of sacrifice and love while making everlasting memories.

Creative Life


Our love for good wine dates to our heritage in South Africa where we learnt how to make wine in Elgin after producing wines in Margaret River and the Great Southern and then later returning again to Margaret River, Australia where Sons & Daughters were born and what we call home today. For us, life is all about family and the memories we make together. Some of those memories are building a life, a family, a house and perhaps also a little winery called Sons & Daughters.


Everyone in our family is involved in crafting our wines, with the kids offering a helping hand in splashing the paint on the packaging, hand bottling, labelling and packaging all of which to offer you something unique, personal and hand crafted.


Sons & Daughters and the artist we collaborated with are equally obsessed with expressing the beauty in people, life and how it shapes us in our everyday lives. The artist Solly Smook and our family share a similar heritage and history.

ABOUT – The Conceptualist

Brad Gold is one of those types of people you meet once and you are inspired for life. A true branding genius and man with crazy and modern marketing concepts driven by a beautiful energy. During his busy schedule acting as a branding and business consultant for various great wine brands he decided to help make the Sons & Daughters dream come to life.

When we shared our vision about Sons & Daughters with Brad he was extremely excited and immediately wanted to be part of it and offered to share all his skills and time for free as an investment for the youth of tomorrow.

Mate we can feel your concepts in every aspect of this brand and what a joy it was working with you!